While we were away …

Having  just returned from an idyllic holiday, I am forced to take stock of what I missed … The Communists versus the TenderCapitalists A “TenderCapitalist” is not an over-sensitive entrepreneur. It is a South African person, much loathed by the communists,  who uses his or her  race and/or political connection to win tenders from theContinue reading “While we were away …”

The SACP Conference – as I head off

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn I will begin travelling with my children for a respite after two years of my (it seems somehow personal) Great Recession. We will be moving through some places that are less connected than others, so I will be posting irregularly for some time. For this reason I wantedContinue reading “The SACP Conference – as I head off”

Do you remember the Broederbond?

The appointment of  Menzi Simelane to head the National Prosecuting Authority is profoundly reminiscent of the National Party’s style of rule in the declining years of Apartheid. Do you remember the Broederbond, and other instruments of Afrikaner Nationalism? Do you remember the stolid manipulation of every conceivable government, parastatal or private institution? The constant needContinue reading “Do you remember the Broederbond?”

Are we becoming the worst we can be?

Here is something I wrote during the April general election – with a few minor edits. It is becoming increasingly relevant, as “the left” is backed into a corner and the Malema style populists seem to hold sway. Bread and Circuses Opinion polls indicate that the ruling African National Congress will shrug off five yearsContinue reading “Are we becoming the worst we can be?”

Nationalisation – medium sized bulls butt heads

Jeremy Cronin argues in the SACP’s Umsebenzi Online that Julius Malema’s “off-the-wall sound-bites” give the impression that he is making up policy about nationalising mines “on the hoof” and “individualistically”. Jeremy then goes on to examine – and ultimately dismiss – Malema’s call for nationalisation of the mines. I examine his reasons below … butContinue reading “Nationalisation – medium sized bulls butt heads”

Julius Malema is the Coming Man

PREPARE YOURSELF Take a deep breath, put your shoulders back and look  through the frenzy. Reading the Democratic Alliance’s Diane Kohler Barnard pour scorn on the “rotund” and “Idi Amin-like” Julius Malema I couldn’t help but think that she is leaving herself as few choices as J.M. Coetzee leaves his fictional characters. Julius Malema isContinue reading “Julius Malema is the Coming Man”

The People’s Flag is … a sort of murky grey

I have been trying to figure out whether Billy Masetlha’s criticism assertion that there appears to be an attempted communist take-over of the ANC is accurate or relevant. During this endeavour I came across an interesting passage from ANC Today, September 2007 (the lead-up to Polokwane). It quotes Joe Slovo: “But, despite the fact thatContinue reading “The People’s Flag is … a sort of murky grey”

Race to the Finish

Is Julius Malema  the only person prepared to tell the truth around here? Julius bemoaning the under-representation of “Africans” and/or “black people” in the economic cluster: We [black people] cannot just be reduced to security and the very important issue of economy is given to minorities…. Minister of police, minister of intelligence, minister of justice — [theyContinue reading “Race to the Finish”

An Unhealthy Debate

Is wealth the cause of poverty? Is everything in development a zero sum game? Listening to how the ANC and the SACP motivate their proposed national health insurance scheme gives a disconcerting inkling of how they think about development. Their proposal is for a compulsory national health insurance (NHI) to be the main solution to a number of  problems that besetContinue reading “An Unhealthy Debate”

Things go better with Zuma

The unfortunate way of the independent political analyst is to scoff and sneer at everything government says and does. It’s usually a good bet. Government seldom disappoints. But right now, as Tokoyo Sexwale brushes off the grime of his night in Diepsloot and yet another gangster look-alike takes over as national police commissioner, it is perhapsContinue reading “Things go better with Zuma”

The Price of One Man’s Life and Death?

Nelson Mandela’s 91st birthday Symbolic events usually have more than one meaning.  For those who comment on South African financial markets, Nelson Mandela’s 91st birthday (today) is probably “investment neutral”. However, financial markets do not list the price of everything. Born in Mvezo on the banks of the Mbashe near Qunu in the rural Transkei Nelson MandelaContinue reading “The Price of One Man’s Life and Death?”