The alliance is dead, Zuma’s dignity saved and SA dams on life support – and how I think I know what I think I know

I wanted to discuss something called heuristics, which refers to the way we make decisions or reach an understanding about something, especially when the matter under consideration is complicated. The word (heuristics) can mean the short cuts we take but the general field also deals with the many errors of thinking to which such short cuts canContinue reading “The alliance is dead, Zuma’s dignity saved and SA dams on life support – and how I think I know what I think I know”

The limits of politics

I think both the DA and the ANC might be on the verge of an evolutionary spurt that will change what they are and thus see them shifting into new ecological  niches in our political landscape. I also think that the landscape itself changes much slower than we think or hope. Voluntarism is a termContinue reading “The limits of politics”

Where blame lies

The raging race debate forces me to think about how we become culpable. I came across an obscene argument the other day. Perhaps you have seen something similar? It went like this: the Japanese are reaping what they have sown; the earthquake, the tsunamis, the nuclear threat and the unseasonal blizzards in the north areContinue reading “Where blame lies”

Race you to the bottom

Two startling contributions to the raging race debate – from below and slightly behind, so to speak. White (male) drivers The first is a letter to the editor of the increasingly excellent Business Day from one Oscar Mosito in Rosslyn His issue is with white male drivers. What is most endearing about Mr Mosito’s letterContinue reading “Race you to the bottom”

Ethnic cleansing by rumour

Jacob Zuma said at a press conference in Sandton yesterday: I’m not certain whether there have been threats of xenophobia. I know that there have been rumours that have been reported. (Reported in The Star) As I drove towards Cape Town on the N1 on Sunday people were already streaming north, belongings in those hugeContinue reading “Ethnic cleansing by rumour”

A church so broad belief is optional is not all bad

I have often pointed out that the ANC’s clever- clever populism allows it to be all things to all people. I have mostly meant that that is a bad thing. It is a legitimate question to ask: what are Julius Malema and  Barbara Hogan (to name two arbitrary ANC leaders) doing at the same table?Continue reading “A church so broad belief is optional is not all bad”

Prime Evil for the shabbiest Shaik – what kind of deal is this?

Could someone please guide me here. Has every hick journalist and political cartoonist received privileged notification that the Presidency is on the verge of jointly pardoning Shabir Shaik and Eugene De Kock? In a sort of tit-for-tat? I cannot work out which gallery would be being played to and for which purpose. Are we toContinue reading “Prime Evil for the shabbiest Shaik – what kind of deal is this?”

Cronin, Malema and that familiar fetid stench

It is, inescapably, time for a little weekend editorialising. Yesterday I summarised the main content of Jeremy Cronin’s criticism of  the ANC Youth League’s “nationalise the mines!” call. In as far as it is possible I summarised Julius Malema’s response to Cronin – his comments consisted primarily of  racial abuse and pompous meandering. This morningContinue reading “Cronin, Malema and that familiar fetid stench”

Julius snippet – while Rome burns

While I am writing a response to the shocking news that Mo Shaik will be our new head of the SASS (South African Secret Service) here’s a thing you just can’t miss: Julius Malema attacked Nedbank from a platform while addressing students at the Mangosuthu Technikon in Umlazi, Durban. The real reason Nedbank had withdrawnContinue reading “Julius snippet – while Rome burns”

Race to the Finish

Is Julius Malema  the only person prepared to tell the truth around here? Julius bemoaning the under-representation of “Africans” and/or “black people” in the economic cluster: We [black people] cannot just be reduced to security and the very important issue of economy is given to minorities…. Minister of police, minister of intelligence, minister of justice — [theyContinue reading “Race to the Finish”