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Nic Borain – Political & Financial Analyst

I am a political analyst focusing on Southern Africa. I have worked as a full-time Southern African political analyst, mostly but not exclusively, in the financial markets for over 30 years.

A current and informed political analysis and risk assessment of South and Southern Africa is crucial to a number of investment and strategy decisions for businesses, multilateral organisations and a variety of other institutions and individuals that operate in the region or plan to do so.

If you are interested in using my services in any of these areas please get in touch, or follow me on Twitter.

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Recent Articles

  • They shoot horses, don’t they?
    I had an extended metaphor for the title about South Africa being not quite ready for the knacker’s yard, despite the apparently universal hysterical consensus, but by the time I got to the dancing yourself to death bit, it all became a bit tenuous.  Anyway, I plan to restart the chatty/newsy/regular version of my blog.Continue reading “They shoot horses, don’t they?”
  • Mkhize vibes off into the sunset
    It looks increasingly likely that Zweli Mkhize’s tenure as Minister of Health will come to an end sooner rather than later – he dodged a parliamentary inquiry on the morning of the 4th and has given up on giving the statistical briefings on his own Twitter account. It is not surprising that Mkhize, through choiceContinue reading “Mkhize vibes off into the sunset”
  • Cornered RET
    This piece was written jointly with my colleague Laurent Balt. So where to now for Ace Magashule, and what future for the RET forces? The state of the RET Unpacking the health of an ANC faction nowadays is tricky business, in that they are generally not factions in the traditional political meaning, but rather looseContinue reading “Cornered RET”
  • NEC finally discards the Ace
    It was a long night. Ramaphosa’s allies were careful to keep the focus largely on Magashule himself, rather than open a broader front against the whole RET faction – a move we expect Ramaphosa and his cohorts to embark upon in the next several weeks. Magashule and his camp appeared to go to the meetingContinue reading “NEC finally discards the Ace”