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African National Congress

  • The Ramaphosa Heuristic
    Tracking the momentum of Cyril Ramaphosa – his vulnerability to attack within the ANC, his ability and intention to implement structural reforms and accountability for corruption – has become a widely used heuristic for assessing the state of South Africa more generally. A heuristic is a mental shortcut. In thisContinue reading “The Ramaphosa Heuristic”
  • Corruption arrests and Land ho!
    Several posts will be attempts to catch up on relevant news, and argue why I think these are, or are not, important. This is one of those. Corruption Arrests Do the corruption arrests constitute a step change in attempts to unpick the tangled web of ‘normal state and economic activity’Continue reading “Corruption arrests and Land ho!”
  • Ne ne ne Nene
    The Minister of Finance, unlikely hero and protector of the public purse, has slipped precipitously in public affections as he apologised for visiting the Guptas while Deputy Minister and his son appeared to be at the centre of a scandal at the PIC, the institution for which the Deputy MinisterContinue reading “Ne ne ne Nene”



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