Kampala bombings as ambush marketing

Sunday’s Kampala (capital city of Uganda) bombings during the World Cup finals in a rugby club and a restaurant where people had gathered to watch the match were important for too many reasons to name here – although the tragic human suffering, with the death toll standing at 76,  must rank first. For those whoContinue reading “Kampala bombings as ambush marketing”

The fearful symmetry of Terre’Blanche and Malema

I don’t really have time for this, but the moment seems to insist. So: I awoke this morning to a world framed as if by an immortal hand or eye. The bludgeoning to death of Eugène Terre’Blanche together with the Zimbabwe public display by Julius Malema feels like a tableau arranged by a naughty godContinue reading “The fearful symmetry of Terre’Blanche and Malema”

While we were away …

Having  just returned from an idyllic holiday, I am forced to take stock of what I missed … The Communists versus the TenderCapitalists A “TenderCapitalist” is not an over-sensitive entrepreneur. It is a South African person, much loathed by the communists,  who uses his or her  race and/or political connection to win tenders from theContinue reading “While we were away …”

2010 – imagine the worst

Think of the outrage at the Munich Olympics in the summer of  1974; the Champions League Twenty20 cricket in Mumbai last year; the boycott of the Moscow Olympics in 1980; bomb threats at the Grand National in 1997; the Sri Lankan marathon massacre in 2008; the extensive security fears at the Ryder Cup post the September 11 attacks andContinue reading “2010 – imagine the worst”