Julius snippet – while Rome burns

While I am writing a response to the shocking news that Mo Shaik will be our new head of the SASS (South African Secret Service) here’s a thing you just can’t miss:

Julius Malema attacked Nedbank from a platform while addressing students at the Mangosuthu Technikon in Umlazi, Durban.

The real reason Nedbank had withdrawn funding from Athletics South Africa, said the ANC Youth League leader, was because the company was unhappy that our three medals from the world championships were won by blacks.

Julius Malema (Jelly Totsi - thanks Andrew D) looking like his good self
Julius Malema (Jelly Totsi - thanks Andrew D) looking like his good self

Fleshing out his position – so to speak – he went on to say: “What does the youth league know about hermaphrodites? The imperialists must not impose this on us if they have hermaphrodites where they come from. They must enjoy living with their hermaphrodites, because in South Africa there are no hermaphrodites.”

And a jolly good argument it is, too.

The story, in all its confusing glory, is laid out here. That is also where I got this picture, which, lets face it, paints a thousand words.

2 thoughts on “Julius snippet – while Rome burns

  1. What a great story! BRING IT ON JULIUS, you biscuit! I thought Shaik was meant to be dying? What’s going on there?

    1. That’s Mo, bru, not Shabir (or Chippy or Yunus … although no-one claims those two are dying ….. Chippy’s leaving for Aussie, he feels he has got a bum deal here.

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