The Monsters Ball

Take a look-see at the names that are linked in Evelyn Groenink’s excellent story about IT billionaire Robert Gumede’s wedding to Dr Portia Mkhize in Nelspruit last weekend. Ignore if you can the author’s articulate disgust at the complacent and self-satisfied comrade billionaires and their squeezes grunting at the golden trough while Leandra burns. ThinkContinue reading “The Monsters Ball”

The Stabproof Protektorvest

Here is something along the same lines, or at least in the same universe of sartorial symbolism, as the ANC leather jackets story. You couldn’t have failed to read about the stab-proof protective vests being marketed to soccer fans who hope to visit South Africa during the World Cup. You can get yours in yourContinue reading “The Stabproof Protektorvest”

A leather jacket by any other name …

Some things just have to been seen to be understood. While preparing the review article “While we were away” I checked through the ANC website and was delighted by the pictures of a range of leather jackets the ruling party is selling online. Here is as much as I could get from a poor qualityContinue reading “A leather jacket by any other name …”

Farewell lessons from Joel – who clearly still believes in government

I do not believe that government, by the pure force of will of the members and the clarity of their thinking, can change all societies or societal processes for the better. In fact, I tend to believe that outside of the basic provision of services and the function of co-ordination, benign neglect is what anyContinue reading “Farewell lessons from Joel – who clearly still believes in government”

Young Communists froth at the mouth – hilariously and for a good cause

This statement from the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) in the province of Gauteng calls on “parents to intensify efforts in teaching their children the dangers of learning from Julius” Malema. Its worth a read – if for nothing else but to see how crazy things are getting between the left-wing of theContinue reading “Young Communists froth at the mouth – hilariously and for a good cause”

Nationalisation: Cronin answers Malema – again … but what about the goose?

It’s getting a little like a tennis match. Eventually you can do well to watch the audience, heads swinging from-side-to-side to the sharp “pok” of the shots, to get a sense of how things are going. As I was reading the article by Cronin, again from Umsebenzi Online, that came out today I groaned. ItContinue reading “Nationalisation: Cronin answers Malema – again … but what about the goose?”

The passing flow – 25/11/2009

The harmful effects of BEE John Kane Berman addresses the trade union Solidarity about their legal struggles against Black Economic Empowerment. John Kane Berman is CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations. The institute has a solid history of liberal opposition to Apartheid as well as liberal opposition to the ANC. In thisContinue reading “The passing flow – 25/11/2009”

The Passing Flow (03 November 2009)

Under this headline I will recommend reading when there are particularly interesting titbits out there that I do not have to time to cover here. Click on the headlines for the story. Mathews Phosa reassures the big investors in London Mathews Phosa, ANC Treasurer, spoke at a Lonmin conference and explained that debate is fineContinue reading “The Passing Flow (03 November 2009)”