The Passing Flow (03 November 2009)

Under this headline I will recommend reading when there are particularly interesting titbits out there that I do not have to time to cover here. Click on the headlines for the story.

Mathews Phosa reassures the big investors in London

Mathews Phosa, ANC Treasurer, spoke at a Lonmin conference and explained that debate is fine and good, but the ANC’s policy was not to nationalise the mines – although they will explore ways of achieving a greater redistribution of wealth. He also said the main pillars of macro-economic policy would remain. Good for him.

Zuma says we shouldn’t confuse debate with policy uncertainty

Back to quite interesting “letters from the president”. An assertion by the President of the ANC (in that hat, anyway) that the ANC policy debate should be as robust as possible. But he argues that the assertion of “scary ideas” during that process should not spook the punters. He is essentially calling for us all to calm down about Cosatu and ANCYL elements (and others) – they are just blowing off steam. I think he is being too sanguine; there is a moment which lively debate becomes policy incoherence. One particularly useful reminder, though: we must wait for formal ANC conferences at which policy can be made before we worry about what the policy is or how it is shifting.

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