A leather jacket by any other name …

Some things just have to been seen to be understood. While preparing the review article “While we were away” I checked through the ANC website and was delighted by the pictures of a range of leather jackets the ruling party is selling online. Here is as much as I could get from a poor quality screen shot, but click on it to visit the site to see these garments in all their high definition full-colour glory… and perhaps you might feel brave enough to purchase something for yourself; perhaps not.

I am not sure whether this has anything to do with political analysis, but I know there is an excellent metaphor in here somewhere, I just can’t quite think of it.

6 thoughts on “A leather jacket by any other name …

  1. Well, aren’t they odd? Funny, those shades of green and yellow – reptilian, boomslang/chameleon colours.
    The one I especially like is the Sgt Peppers uniform (PBF03). That marching band look – ooh! But my guess is that only the Presidential model is for real comrades (men). The others look like they might be a little tight in the waist and slim around the neck for the upper echelons. What a shame!
    Some of them look like they belong on the bridge of the old Starship Enterprise – eat your heart out, Lieut. Uhura!
    And, they are all the same price – some cross subsidising surely – oh well, that’s socialism for you…
    An ANC rally might even be worth attending if we could be sure of this sartorial elegance. Can you picture Umshini Wam being perfomed in these essential clothing items? No, me neither.

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