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A few days ago I published a link here to an e-tolling interview I did on CNBC Africa that someone put on YouTube.

The post received several interesting comments about an aside I made on more than one occasion during the interview that I thought users paying directly for infrastructure  is probably a more efficient method than taking the funding out of the tax pool – with a long list of exceptions that had to do with social solidarity and making sure those who couldn’t pay were subsidised in some way.

I received several interesting comments and dragged myself out of bed early this morning to respond to those … but found, to my horror, my browser (Chrome) refused to visit my wordpress page, saying it contained “suspicious content”, perhaps even “malware” from something called “”. Chrome further informed me that it had alerted the said site to the problem.

I decided to delete my last entry (to the YouTube link) and the problem seems to be gone.

I think “” is a religious site of some kind and I have no idea why its content should have been connected to the YouTube video.

So instead of trying to work that all out I have just dumped the link and will, at some stage, return to the question of the most efficient way of paying for infrastructure … which I know is not a breathlessly exciting subject, but is probably important enough to warrant another post at some stage.

So apologies to anyone who attempted to visit that post and got the same scary warnings to stay away that I got this morning … they are gone now and it is safe to return to to the water …

2 thoughts on “Content removed

  1. No, that’s Litnet. It’s a high quality Afrikaans culture and lit site. Think of Vrye Weekblad, Koos kombuis in this era. Have no idea how it got linked to your video.

  2. Or why Chrome seems to think that link is a problem? Perhaps it was a temporary hack of oulitnet’s site … and I apologise for incorrectly identifying the content “a religious site of some kind” … quite condescending of me, now that I come to think about it ..

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