The passing flow – 25/11/2009

The harmful effects of BEE John Kane Berman addresses the trade union Solidarity about their legal struggles against Black Economic Empowerment. John Kane Berman is CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations. The institute has a solid history of liberal opposition to Apartheid as well as liberal opposition to the ANC. In thisContinue reading “The passing flow – 25/11/2009”

Cronin, Malema and that familiar fetid stench

It is, inescapably, time for a little weekend editorialising. Yesterday I summarised the main content of Jeremy Cronin’s criticism of  the ANC Youth League’s “nationalise the mines!” call. In as far as it is possible I summarised Julius Malema’s response to Cronin – his comments consisted primarily of  racial abuse and pompous meandering. This morningContinue reading “Cronin, Malema and that familiar fetid stench”

Nationalisation – medium sized bulls butt heads

Jeremy Cronin argues in the SACP’s Umsebenzi Online that Julius Malema’s “off-the-wall sound-bites” give the impression that he is making up policy about nationalising mines “on the hoof” and “individualistically”. Jeremy then goes on to examine – and ultimately dismiss – Malema’s call for nationalisation of the mines. I examine his reasons below … butContinue reading “Nationalisation – medium sized bulls butt heads”

Cosatu does the right thing

Something very interesting on the sideline of the resignation of Bobby Godsell as chairman of the Eskom board and the non-resignation of Jacob Maroga as CEO. If a situation is impossibly confusing, or your view is obscured for some reason, then look around and check where others are looking – look at the stances theyContinue reading “Cosatu does the right thing”

Those aren’t Polokwane chickens!

I was dreading yesterday’s mini-budget. Firstly the objective conditions were against us. It was clear that the Great Recession was going to squeeze revenue – and therefore the space available for the new Minister of Finance to operate in. As it turns out, lower revenue and higher than expected expenditure has pushed the estimated deficitContinue reading “Those aren’t Polokwane chickens!”

A back-to-the-future quote from FDR

Here’s FDR in an interesting quote I dug up. It’s from about 1935 – in the lead-up to his re-election in 1936 – and it is made to a journalist from the Hearst organisation. This gives one a sense of how threatening was the Great Depression – to the very system of capitalist accumulation itself. This is,Continue reading “A back-to-the-future quote from FDR”

Ruling party’s populism – such a clever trick

Just how broad a church is a broad church? The ANC and the Congress Movement has always liked to refer to itself as “a broad church” – which basically means that people of different ideological persuasions should be able to find a home within the movement. The Ruling Alliance is giving new definition to ‘broadness”Continue reading “Ruling party’s populism – such a clever trick”

Race to the Finish

Is Julius Malema  the only person prepared to tell the truth around here? Julius bemoaning the under-representation of “Africans” and/or “black people” in the economic cluster: We [black people] cannot just be reduced to security and the very important issue of economy is given to minorities…. Minister of police, minister of intelligence, minister of justice — [theyContinue reading “Race to the Finish”

The Spirit of Polokwane?

… probably Johnny Walker Blue Label … The leadership of the African National Congress are feeling quite satisfied with themselves – and they have some justification. They have finessed both the SARB governorship and the transition at the Treasury and everyone, apparently, feels like a winner. For now. The two positions about which the financial marketsContinue reading “The Spirit of Polokwane?”

Architects of Poverty – Book Review

Architects of Poverty Architects of Poverty by Moeletsi Mbeki (Picador Africa – Pan Macmillan 2009) R152 at Exclusive Books in the V&A Waterfront …it was the Africans who caught the people in the interior and sold them to the owners of the ships that transported them to the Americas to be sold into slavery. SoContinue reading “Architects of Poverty – Book Review”

Excerpt from Architects of Poverty

Architects of Poverty by Moeletsi Mbeki (Picador Africa – Pan Macmillan 2009) R152 at Exclusive Books in the V&A Waterfront – if you can find it where they are hiding all their copies under a table right at the back … conspiring with the evil Minerals-Energy Complex (MEC), no doubt. First things: Time and tideContinue reading “Excerpt from Architects of Poverty”

Vampire Capitalism

We  are not there yet. There is still a way to go. But the dark territory is along here somewhere. The signposts loom more frequently out of the night and you can feel the icy chill. If I was the director of this movie I would have the little children huddle closer and the music would be so low and scaryContinue reading “Vampire Capitalism”