Beat the dog till the owner comes out

Tokyo comes out to defend Julius Malema in the disciplinary hearing?

To be followed by Winnie Madikizela-Mandela and Tony Yengeni?

It is an almost too perfect reversal of Julius Malema’s own metaphor after his victory at the Eastern Cape provincial conference of the ANC Youth League in August 2010:

“We will never surrender to Blade. He has never been a member and has no understanding of …  the youth league … Their people have been receiving serious lashings in the youth league conferences. As we said before, we will beat the dog (SACP) until the owner (Nzimande) comes out” … (a copy of The Herald editorial I took that from here.)

The boot, at the moment, seems to be on the other foot (or ” the stick is in the other hand” might have been better – ed.)

The “dog” that is now being beaten at the disciplinary hearing is Julius Malema himself and the owners that are revealing themselves are Tokyo Sexwale, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Tony Yengeni and friends.

And who is doing the beating? Why, the South African Communist Party and Blade Nzimande (as well as Jacob Zuma, Gwede Mantashe and many – but by no means all – in the incumbent leadership of the ANC).

Last weekend, almost while the disciplinary hearing was sitting, SACP Secretary General Blade Nzimande said to  the SACP provincial congress in Esikhawini, near Richard’s Bay, in northern KwaZulu-Natal, that young people should be discouraged from participating in the ANC Youth League’s Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime marches and protests on the 27th and 28th of this month:

“Do not allow yourselves to be used by people with agendas that are not in your interest … We are not going to be supporting any march whose intention is malicious and to undermine the authority of the ANC and the government.”

Breaking ideological stereotypes and confusing the foreigners

Spare a thought for those of us whose job it is to explain to foreign investors why the communists are leading the fight against a youth movement calling for the nationalisation of mines, the expropriation of land without compensation and “Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime!”

I could, of course, have just sent them a few extracts from Fiona Forde’s An Inconvenient Youth – Julius Malema and the ‘New’ ANC (Picador Africa 2011).

Here she is, sitting outside a hotel in Caracas Venezuela chatting with a sulking Julius Malema on his way back to South Africa (from a conference of the World Federation of Democratic Youth taking place in downtown Caracas in April 2010)  to face his previous disciplinary hearing. She has been getting a lesson from Julius on the importance of matching the leather of his watch strap with his belt and his shoes.

Venezuela has never seen so many designer labels as it has these past 48 hours since the arrival of the South African young ones. They descended on the city with their expensive suitcases and travel bags, top-of-the-range baseball caps, flashy T-shirts, snazzy shoes and sneakers, sleek manbags and a string of other expensive accessories hanging out of them – and a bodyguard in tow – all dressed up for a socialist youth conference.

I have been wondering how they must appear in the eyes of the other youth who have flown in from all over the world, and who are also staying at the Avila. The three-star hotel is swarming with casually-dressed, young delegates and among them, to my mind at least, the South Africans seem to stand out a mile.

When we understand that these delegates are the very same people who have formulated the “Economic Freedom In Our Lifetime” slogan, the implacable opposition of the South African Communist Party to the campaign becomes  obvious.

The campaign is a classic attempt by a parasitic elite to manipulate those who are really poor and dispossessed so that these disenfranchised citizens become the battering ram and the lever through which that elite can capture even more resources and assets than it has already – through tender abuse and diversion of state resources into their own pockets.

So the dog is being beaten.

But we would be unwise not to think deeply and carefully about the nature and intentions of the owners that rush out to defend their animal.

9 thoughts on “Beat the dog till the owner comes out

  1. Hi Nic

    Would be humorous if not so sadly spot-on…esp. 3rd last para!

    Hope you are well, we met at my exhibition down in CT which Sandy Coffey opened!



  2. And, ahem, it seems to coincide with a new “transparent” decision to release the Donen Report, which reportedly has a few things to say about the above-mentioned dog owner and at least one other.

    1. You are so right … this is what I said about that to clients this morning:

      The Presidency yesterday announced it would release the Thabo Mbeki commissioned Donen Report into South Africa’s participation in Saddam Hussein sanction busting attempts through the “oil-for-food” mechanism. The report is old news (from 2006 and leaked in Sunday Times in 2009) but it does finger Kgalema Motlanthe (ANC and SA deputy president) and Tokyo Sexwale (housing minister and centre of the challenge to Jacob Zuma) as involved in the scandal. The knives are out. Jacob Zuma has identified Sexwale as the ringleader of the assault and he is preparing to spoon on the dirt. Motlanthe might be an innocent bystander, but the opposition to Zuma has indicated they will choose Motlanthe if they can’t get Sexwale – this kind of factionalism forces everyone into one of two camps.

  3. Fascinating comment but does that not add up to three factions, Zuma, Motlanthe and Sexwale, the winner being the one who distributes the greatest largesse, who dispenses with equal skill and brutality the balance by which a state of patronage is held in place?

  4. Tokyo & his company must be ashame.JM has gone too far against the organisation’s policies.He has been behaving like South Africa has two Presidents.On Botswana’s comments he was completely out of order because it’s obvious that in South Africa he’s fighting some people’s battle.It seems like everyone who wants to be a president will make sure that him.I wish him expelled from the movement,he thinks he’s bigger than the movement.As for Tokyo,he must make sure that people of Alex (South Africans) are getting houses.Whoever’s responsible for Stompie’s death must be charged.

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