Top ranked political analyst in FM survey

This is faintly awkward for me, so I put it right there in the headline – leading with my chin, so to speak.

I run this blog for a number of reasons:

  • It’s a discipline – it forces me to think about the political news flow;
  • I am, in principle, in favour of deepening political debate – the more forums, the more people think about politics, and the more subtle and complex those thoughts are, the better for all of us;
  • It fulfils a personal need for an audience – I’ll deal with that with my shrink if I ever get one again …
  • and I use it to market myself to people who might pay me for my services as a political analyst or speaker.

It is the last need that causes me to mention here that I was, to my great surprise, last week announced as the top ranked analyst in the Financial Mail annual Analyst of the Year Survey – in the category: Political Analysis and Industrial Relations.

Here’s the whole “leader board”:

I am particularly proud of this award for several reasons, but these are the important two:

First, the rank is determined by a vote from South African fund managers at the pensions funds and asset managers. These are professionals who have to pay for the analysis and assess its financial value to them and their businesses. It’s a vote I value.

Second, I am in auspicious company – even though some people on the list are not primarily “political analysts”. I don’t know them all (and will only mention the ones I do), but I am a great admirer of Moeletsi Mbeki (as anyone who reads this blog will know) – and Deanne Gordon and Nazmeera Moola are valuable and supportive friends, top economists and thorough and original thinkers (and have both been highly ranked in many categories in this survey in the past).

15 thoughts on “Top ranked political analyst in FM survey

  1. There’s a very specially customized holiday on the wild coast awaiting you in celebration, when you can edge some time out of your busy paid schedule, Mister Nicholas Borain!

    1. Paid just above the bourgeois breadline Andre, or I wouldn’t be engaging in such craven self-promotion … I would love a holiday on the wild coast … was that an invitation?

      1. Its a standing invitation with perpetual status. Mid-summer is always best, but allow for endless rain. A bit like political rhetoric, but not as self-serving.

  2. Well done Nic!

    From one who has walked that path before and remembers only too well the pressures, the pain and the enormous relief/pleasure of discovering that your audience really values you.

    Keep up the good work. The recognition says it all.

    With my best wishes.

  3. Nic, as you plod away at your keyboard, millions of keystrokes; many of which are subjected to the “backspace” button, you would not know where your words, sentences and opinions will eventually terminate.

    Unknown to you, many, many people speak of “Nic Borain” in their daily discourse, some with admiration, many with anger, most with respect.

    And now you know where you stand. Congratulations.

    1. Thank you Mark … the backspace button is my greatest friend and ally who has never, once, let me down …. and if I had only used it more often …

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