Black fabric, the creak of leather and a flash of red …

Remember the ANC’s online leather jacket sale; those amazing garments seemingly designed for a camp 1970’s version of a black Star Wars?

And the Stabproof Protektorvest (TM) that some enterprising person tried to flog to 2010 World Cup visitors to South Africa who needed to withstand the blows they could expect to be rained upon them by the hordes of ‘machete wielding tribesmen’ the UK gutter press was warning about?

Well, what do you make of how Julius Malema and his delegation arrived at court yesterday to defend against the charge that singing Dubula iBhunu constitutes hate speech?

… and in case you can’t see the accessories properly, here is another one:

So what do the Nazi party, the AWB and the ANC Youth League actually have in common?

Certainly a sense of camp elegance and style; dark flowing fabric and the gleam of steel and silver, cut through with the clean heroic red.

And the instinctive understanding of the marketing value of a bit of curling-lip arrogance, creaking leather and a hint of sex and violence on the side.

And perhaps a few other tendencies and traits that will reveal themselves over time.

(The sources of those pics were as follows: the accessory close up was: and the one of Malema surrounded by his elegant guards came, I think, from visit those sites.)


4 thoughts on “Black fabric, the creak of leather and a flash of red …

  1. If Malema’s in the middle who’s having sex and violence on the side? Finally our politics gets kinky.

  2. Yes, but why not AKs? Or at least R-5s, which are reverse-engineered 5,56mm AKs. I mean, why are Malema’s bodyguards so unpatriotic?

    By the way, that sub-machine-gun looks as if it’s made of plastic. Val langs hom, troep!

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