New WordPress email subscription button for Nic Borain

Apologies for this  purely administrative post … and I will probably be mentioning this again in general posts over the next few weeks.

We all used to love google because it was sparky and feisty and seemed to be fighting the deathly old Goliath Microsoft.

Well that was then.

The new Goliath google has messed up the details on my feedburner (email subscription) application and despite going to the ends of the Earth (and lots of begging and pleading) there seems to be no way for me to access the account and administer (or even have any knowledge of) the list of subscribers to my blog.

I have therefore decided to change to the WordPress feedburner widget which will now appear on the left of the headline on the front page of my blog looking like this:

I am sure Empire Google will be thrown into a state of shock and awe by my actions, but I see no other way to proceed.

If you are receiving my blog  by email – and want to continue doing so – please subscribe using the new WordPress email subscription button and not the google subscription button that will still appear immediately below the new button and will look like this:

After subscribing by clicking the new, and unfortunately perky: “Sign me up!” button you will get an email from WordPress asking you to confirm that you want to subscribe and when and how often you would like to receive updates from the blog.

After a while and if all goes according to plan you will notice that you are receiving two emails from my blog with the same content, one from “” and one from “”.

When this starts to bother you ask to be usubscribed from the google feed.

If everything continues to go according to plan I should then have a subscription list that I can monitor and control and you can specify when and what sorts of updates (including updates of comments) you want to receive from my blog.

If you choose not to do anything I am not certain you will continue to get the email from my blog after I delete the google email feedburner…

… I don’t know why it’s called that either.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards

Nic Borain

2 thoughts on “New WordPress email subscription button for Nic Borain

  1. Does this have any impact on RSS feeds? I don’t subscribe to the feedburner one but have the RSS through google reader. Doesn’t seem to be doing anything exciting right now.

    1. Hi Shannon – as far as I know if you subscribe by RSS feed there should be no changes … but you can hear a slight note of uncertainty … if nothing has changed yet it is unlikely to. Hope you and yours are well – lots of love

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