World Cup Prequil …

I am going to have to keep a straight face as I do this.

I am not unaware that “sex sells” – and I come from a political tradition that is endlessly anxious about the depiction of women’s bodies and about whose cause is being served by that depiction – but here goes …

The latest issue of GQ Magazine carries – amongst many interesting and stimulating articles and photographs – my thoughts on the Fifa World Cup. What you might find interesting is that I wrote it before the event – but the magazine has only now hit the market. I think I got it right … but you decide for yourself.

(Thanks to that excellent editor and friend Craig Tyson for the various permissions to republish this here. So go and buy the magazine – it is an interesting read).

Click on the image of the cover to link to the article.


One thought on “World Cup Prequil …

  1. i think it was Arthur Kemp that (not who) said, to general derision (in jammie Hall one fine day in the eighties), wait till the left grows up, freed from daddy and mommy’s adoringly deep pockets, having to fend for themselves, and see how they re-shape their fine ideals to suit the pursuit of all things bourgeois…

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