The SACP Conference – as I head off

Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn I will begin travelling with my children for a respite after two years of my (it seems somehow personal) Great Recession. We will be moving through some places that are less connected than others, so I will be posting irregularly for some time. For this reason I wantedContinue reading “The SACP Conference – as I head off”

Farewell lessons from Joel – who clearly still believes in government

I do not believe that government, by the pure force of will of the members and the clarity of their thinking, can change all societies or societal processes for the better. In fact, I tend to believe that outside of the basic provision of services and the function of co-ordination, benign neglect is what anyContinue reading “Farewell lessons from Joel – who clearly still believes in government”

Do you remember the Broederbond?

The appointment of  Menzi Simelane to head the National Prosecuting Authority is profoundly reminiscent of the National Party’s style of rule in the declining years of Apartheid. Do you remember the Broederbond, and other instruments of Afrikaner Nationalism? Do you remember the stolid manipulation of every conceivable government, parastatal or private institution? The constant needContinue reading “Do you remember the Broederbond?”

Welcome back to the progressive trade union movement

This war won’t be won from our air-conditioned offices but in the branches and structures of the ANC, just as it happened in the build-up to Polokwane. – Zwelenzima Vavi at a press conference yesterday (30/11/2009) It’s over; Cosatu is back where it belongs. The trade union ally fought its way into the ruling tentContinue reading “Welcome back to the progressive trade union movement”

Are we becoming the worst we can be?

Here is something I wrote during the April general election – with a few minor edits. It is becoming increasingly relevant, as “the left” is backed into a corner and the Malema style populists seem to hold sway. Bread and Circuses Opinion polls indicate that the ruling African National Congress will shrug off five yearsContinue reading “Are we becoming the worst we can be?”

Young Communists froth at the mouth – hilariously and for a good cause

This statement from the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) in the province of Gauteng calls on “parents to intensify efforts in teaching their children the dangers of learning from Julius” Malema. Its worth a read – if for nothing else but to see how crazy things are getting between the left-wing of theContinue reading “Young Communists froth at the mouth – hilariously and for a good cause”

Nationalisation: Cronin answers Malema – again … but what about the goose?

It’s getting a little like a tennis match. Eventually you can do well to watch the audience, heads swinging from-side-to-side to the sharp “pok” of the shots, to get a sense of how things are going. As I was reading the article by Cronin, again from Umsebenzi Online, that came out today I groaned. ItContinue reading “Nationalisation: Cronin answers Malema – again … but what about the goose?”

The passing flow – 25/11/2009

The harmful effects of BEE John Kane Berman addresses the trade union Solidarity about their legal struggles against Black Economic Empowerment. John Kane Berman is CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations. The institute has a solid history of liberal opposition to Apartheid as well as liberal opposition to the ANC. In thisContinue reading “The passing flow – 25/11/2009”

Cronin, Malema and that familiar fetid stench

It is, inescapably, time for a little weekend editorialising. Yesterday I summarised the main content of Jeremy Cronin’s criticism of  the ANC Youth League’s “nationalise the mines!” call. In as far as it is possible I summarised Julius Malema’s response to Cronin – his comments consisted primarily of  racial abuse and pompous meandering. This morningContinue reading “Cronin, Malema and that familiar fetid stench”

Nationalisation – medium sized bulls butt heads

Jeremy Cronin argues in the SACP’s Umsebenzi Online that Julius Malema’s “off-the-wall sound-bites” give the impression that he is making up policy about nationalising mines “on the hoof” and “individualistically”. Jeremy then goes on to examine – and ultimately dismiss – Malema’s call for nationalisation of the mines. I examine his reasons below … butContinue reading “Nationalisation – medium sized bulls butt heads”

Transparently struggling with corruption

My impression is that the ruling ANC government thinks of corruption as one of the three biggest challenges we face – the other two being unemployment and effective social delivery. I don’t think I could usually be accused of giving them too much benefit of the doubt, but I recognise the above statement is moreContinue reading “Transparently struggling with corruption”

Statement on Alliance Summit

Just to make things easier, herewith the statement on the Summit released a few minutes ago: Statement on the Alliance Summit 13-15 November 2009, Esselen Park, Ekurhuleni The African National Congress, South African Communist Party, Congress of South African Trade Unions and the South African National Civic Organisation gathered at the Alliance Summit, in EsselenContinue reading “Statement on Alliance Summit”

The Alliance Summit is the business

The Alliance Summit on the weekend has significantly reduced confusion about policy and risk – although monetary policy is still under review. Background “The Alliance”  met at Esselen Park, Ekurhuleni  this weekend. This meeting consisted of the the African National Congress (ANC), the South African Communist Party (SACP), the Congress of South African Trade UnionsContinue reading “The Alliance Summit is the business”

Cosatu does the right thing

Something very interesting on the sideline of the resignation of Bobby Godsell as chairman of the Eskom board and the non-resignation of Jacob Maroga as CEO. If a situation is impossibly confusing, or your view is obscured for some reason, then look around and check where others are looking – look at the stances theyContinue reading “Cosatu does the right thing”

Julius Malema is the Coming Man

PREPARE YOURSELF Take a deep breath, put your shoulders back and look  through the frenzy. Reading the Democratic Alliance’s Diane Kohler Barnard pour scorn on the “rotund” and “Idi Amin-like” Julius Malema I couldn’t help but think that she is leaving herself as few choices as J.M. Coetzee leaves his fictional characters. Julius Malema isContinue reading “Julius Malema is the Coming Man”